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“My mom used to go to this bald hairdresser, which I never understood. At the very least, your hairstylist should have THE BEST HAIR, not NO HAIR. Caroline has THE BEST STYLE, so it stands to reason I would trust her as a stylist, and not, say, some nudist.” — Naomi Grossman, actress/writer (“American Horror Story”)

“Ok! Ladies. For real Caroline Fogarty is the jammiest jam of them all. Her style is like no other. Sophisticated yet quirky.  Smart and colorful and just all around yummy.  She will come into your closet, tell you what works for your look/brand and then sell anything that no longer ‘sparks joy’. It is all sorts of a win win.” — Melanie Paxson, actress (Disney’s “Descendants”, “Saving Mr. Banks”)

“Shopping gives me full explosive diarrhea, so hiring Caroline to literally hold my hand while we shopped for headshot looks was the best money I’ve ever spent (I mean…besides getting natural/subtle Botox). HIRE THIS WOMAN. — Beth Crosby, actress/writer (“Fresh off the Boat”, “Episodes”, “Coop and Cami”)

“There is no easier way to let go of some ill-fitting, dated piece of clothing than to hear Caroline's voice yell out, "You're better than that!" because, you know what? I am! And Caroline has helped me prove it to myself and the world. Together we've culled my existing wardrobe and shopped for new items that make me feel GREAT! And it wasn't hard. It was fun. Caroline is a hilarious ball of stylish energy who will have you laughing your butt off while finding the perfect pants to show your butt off. She has styled me for red carpet events, headshot sessions, and everyday life!” — Katie Von Till, actress (“Big Sheldon”, “NCIS”, “Conan”)

“When my agent told me I needed new headshots, all I could think was, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? I was faced with overwhelming dread trying to pick out the perfect wardrobe that would capture the characters my agent wanted. Caroline knew exactly what was needed to make these shots on point. She’s an expert on choosing the perfect pieces for headshots. I’ve never worked with anyone who is better at their craft.” — Kerri Pomarolli, comedian/writer

“Everyone should be so lucky as to have a little touch of Caroline in their life. I feel enthusiasm and confidence about shopping and dressing after only one session. She's the full package, from clearing out your closet of everything you don't need, to guiding you through shopping to fill it with what you do need. Don't go shopping without Caroline; that would be like skydiving without a parachute. But, like, in the way that it would be a waste of money, not a waste of life.” — Meredith Berg, writer/director

“Shop with Caroline and you’ll forget why you don’t like shopping. Her funniness, generosity and kind soul makes you forget the bad lighting.” — Annie Sertich, actor/writer/director (Groundlings main company member, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Silicon Valley”)